South Dakota VFW Baseball

2019 SD VFW Player Registration



We are looking forward to having a great year of South Dakota VFW Baseball in 2019. We have created this player registration to help improve how we manage participation in our baseball association and to help streamline the process of organizing our region and state level tournaments.


As you go through each form, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Player Data
    • Name
    • DOB
    • Jersey #
      • (Optional if known at time of registration)
    • Birth Certificate
      • (Optional Upload)
    • Team Name
  • School attended in 2018-2019
    • (Elementary and Middle School will choose based on High School Feeder Pattern)
  • Parent/Guardian
    • Name
    • Contact Info
      • Mailing Address
      • Cell Phone
      • Email Address
  • Age Group
    • Based on your athlete's DOB, the age group shown will be defaulted to those of the SD VFW Baseball rules. Players can always play up in age groups where necessary. 

To complete this registration, please fill out each form page and submit your entry after reviewing the information.

2019 SD VFW Baseball Rules


Click the link below to view the rules for the 2019 SD VFW Baseball Season. The coaches of each team have read these rules and will be in compliance as they coach your player in our season.


Please direct questions to:

Danny Frisby-Griffin

Department of SD VFW Baseball Chairman

Phone: (402) 332-7423